Workshops & Colloquia

Our workshops and colloquia are listed by date since 1985. Selected workshop and colloquium reports are available online. A hard copy of any of the workshop or colloquia proceedings is available upon request.

List of Workshops and Colloquia by Date

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ISSE's Summer Colloquium on Climate and Health, July 13-17, 2009
The Challenge of Change: Managing for Sustainability of Oceanic Top Predator Species
WAS*IS Workshop 2007
WAS*IS Workshop 2005/2006
ISSE's Summer Colloquia on Climate and Health, July 16- July 22, 2006
ISSE/RAL Workshop - WAS*IS (Weather & Society*Integrated Studies) Workshops. Boulder, Colorado. November 7-11, 2005, March 6-10, 2006.
CLIOTOP Working Group 5 - Socioeconomic Aspects and Management Strategies. Honolulu, Hawaii, 1-3 December 2004
El Niño Early Warning for Sustainable Development in the Pacific Rim and Islands. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, 13-16 September 2004.
Summer Colloquium on Climate and Health. Boulder, Colorado, 21-28 July 2004.
Workshop on Native American Climate Decision Making, Boulder, Colorado, 12-13 July 2004.
Communicating Urgency, Facilitating Social Change: New Strategies for Climate Change. Boulder, Colorado, 8-11 June 2004.
Workshop on Airborne Transport of Pathogens: Early Detection, Rapid Alert, and Community Response. Boulder, Colorado, 25 May 2004.
Climate Change and Water Resources. Boulder, Colorado, 15-16 March 2004.
Usable Science VIII: Early Warning Systems: Do's and Don'ts, Shanghai, China, 20-23 October 2003.
Advanced Institute on Urbanization, Emission, and the Global Carbon Cycle, Boulder, Colorado, 4-22 August 2003.
February 24, 2003 Round Table: A session of the John Firor Water Sustainability Round Table, Boulder, Colorado, February 24, 2003.
January 10, 2003 Round Table: A session of the John Firor Water Sustainability Round Table, Boulder, Colorado, January 10, 2003.
Increasing the Value of Weather Information in the Operation of the Electric Power: A USWRP Sponsored Workshop, Boulder, Colorado, November 6-7, 2002
The NCAR GIS Initiative Workshop: GIS in Weather, Climate and Impacts, Boulder, Colorado, August 12-14, 2002
Workshop on a Design for a Prototype CitySat, "Imaging Regional Urban/Industrial Environmental Footprints", Boulder, Colorado, August 7-8, 2002
Forum on Colorado Cities and Regions, "Viewing the Past, Present, and Future from Satellites and the Computer Chip, Boulder, Colorado, August 5, 2002
US Workshop on Climate Projections, Uncertainty, and Scenarios for Impacts Assessment, Boulder, Colorado, July 17-19, 2002
Water, Climate, and Development Issues in the Amudarya Basin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 18-19, 2002
Flashpoints Informal Planning Meeting, New York, New York, April 4-5, 2002Climate Affairs Capacity Building Program in South and Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 25-28, 2002
North American Carbon Program Workshop, Boulder, Colorado, September 5-7, 2001
Risk-Benefit Assessment of Observing System Decision Alternatives (TRMM Workshop), Boulder, Colorado, June 18-19, 2001
Workshop on Regional Climate Research: Needs and Opportunities, Boulder, Colorado, April 2-4, 2001
Climate Ethics and Equity, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 22-23, 2001
A Physical Assessment of the Opportunities for Improved Management of the Water Resources of the Bi-National Rio Grande Basin, Boulder, Colorado, September 12, 2000
Extreme Events Workshop, Boulder, Colorado, June 7-9, 2000
Mid-Course Correction Meeting for UNFIP Project, Macau, China, March 6-9, 2000
First Meeting of Team Leaders , Geneva, Switzerland, July 8-10, 1999
Prediction in the Earth Sciences: Use and Misuse in Policy Making, Second Workshop, Estes Park, Colorado, September 10-12, 1998
Review of the Causes and Consequences of Cold Events: A La Niña Summit, Boulder, Colorado, July 15-17, 1998
A Systems Approach to ENSO (ASP Colloquium), Boulder, Colorado, July 20 – August 1, 1997
Prediction in the Earth Sciences: Use and Misuse in Policy Making, First Workshop, Boulder, Colorado, July 10-12, 1997
Workshop on the Social and Economics Impacts of Weather, Boulder, Colorado, April 2-4, 1997
NATO Advanced Research Workshop - Scientific, Environmental, and Political Issues in the Circum-Caspian Region, Moscow, Russia, May 13-16, 1996
Usable Science IV: ENSO and Extreme Events in the Wider Caribbean Region, Havana, Cuba, January 9-12, 1996
An Institute on the Economics of the Climate Resource, Boulder, Colorado, June 5-7, 1995
Usable Science III: ENSO and Extreme Events in Southeast Asia, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, October 23-26, 1995
Usable Science II: The Use and Misuse of El Niño Information in North America, Boulder, Colorado, October 31 – November 3, 1994
Creeping Environmental Phenomena and Societal Responses To Them, Boulder, Colorado, 1994
Usable Science I: The Value of ENSO Forecasts to Famine Early Warning Systems, Budapest, Hungary, 1993
NATO Advanced Research Workshop – Regional Organizations and Climate Change, Paris, France, 1992
Great Lakes Environmental Protection and Climate Change, Boulder, Colorado, 1992
ENSO and Climate Change, Bangkok, Thailand, 1991
Mesoscale Research Initiative: Societal Aspects, Boulder, Colorado, December 10-11, 1990
Assessing Winners and Losers in the Context of Global Warming, St. Julians, Malta, 1990
Climate Change and Fisheries, Boulder, Colorado, 1989
International Networkshop, Boulder, Colorado, 1989
ENSO and Teleconnections, Bangkok, Thailand, 1988
US/Hungary Forecasting by Analogy Workshop, Budapest, Hungary, 1988
North American Forecasting by Analogy Workshop, Boulder, Colorado, 1987
ENSO and Socioeconomic Impacts, Lugano, Switzerland, 1987
North American Networkshop, Boulder, Colorado, 1985
Drought and Hunger in Africa, Boulder, Colorado, 1985
"Because the pathway to sustainability cannot be charted in advance, it will have to be navigated through trial and error and conscious experimentation. The urgent need is to design strategies and institutions that can better integrate incomplete knowledge with experimental action into programs of adaptive management and social learning."
NRC, Our Common Journey (1999)