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John Firor

Environmental and Societal Impacts Group
National Center for Atmospheric Research
PO Box 3000
Boulder, Colorado USA 80307
Tel: 303-497-8104; Fax: 303-497-8125


John Firor is an NCAR Senior Scientist and NCAR Director Emeritus. He joined NCAR as director of the High Altitude Observatory division of NCAR in 1961 and later served as director of NCAR. His current research interests include climate change, the economics of climate change, sustainable development, and the use of scientific information in the public policy process. His book The Changing Atmosphere: A Global Challenge was published by Yale University Press in 1990, and is now translated into nine other languages.

John Firor

The second Walter Orr Roberts Distinguished Lecture From a View of Grand Canyon to a Vision of Science in the Twenty-First Century was held on Tuesday, October 19, 1999, honoring ESIG Senior Research Associate Dr. John W. Firor for his achievements in science and public policy.

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