Research Interests

I am interested in the use of information in decision making related to climate and, in particular, the carbon cycle. I believe that there is a need for scientific knowledge to underpin decisions made at every scale and in many different sectors. The challenge is to understand how decisions are made, and what opportunities exist for improving the outcome of those decisions by scientific knowledge. A gap exists between the conduct of academic and government research and the application of that knowledge to decision making. The gap consists of lack of understanding in two fronts. On the scientific side, there is little knowledge of what is precisely needed by decision makers, and how the decision process works. On the decision making side, there is an imprecise understanding of what science can offer to the decision process. The gap is exacerbated by the naturally separate quality of the scientific and decision-making cultures, making it difficult to foster a dialogue on how to address these needs. I am interested in studying the decision process and the role of institutions, and in directly fostering the practical application of knowledge in decision-making.


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