Issue 30, January 2005

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Because of the recent tsunami event in Asia, we would like to give our readers an opportunity to choose from several different possible organizations to donate to the survivors, or to learn more about tsunamis in general.

The Network for Good is an excellent starting point if you wish to donate, as it has links to numerous websites of relief organizations. Additionally it informs on crisis relief and volunteer opportunities.

Sarvodaya has published their medium term plans for relief efforts in Sri Lanka , detailing an assessment of the calamity, current responses from government and non-government agencies, and specific projects to achieve the objective of Deshodaya (National Re-awakening).

The Aceh Relief Fund has established an advisory board of prominent Acehnese leaders who will oversee the disbursement of the funds. Funds can be sent via the website. Nonviolence International has been working in Aceh for 5 years and has launched a website for missing persons in Aceh. The website has a database to search for missing friends and loved ones. It is in English and Indonesian.

International Response Fund: You can help those affected by the Southeast Asia tsunamis and the humanitarian crisis it has created, by making a financial gift.

Oxfam is sending food and water to help thousands of people affected by the devastating tsunamis that struck coastal areas of several Asian countries.

World Vision is a relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty.


The National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program, A program designed to reduce the impact of tsunamis through warning guidance, mitigation and hazards assessment has a website with current events and links to tsunami related sites.

On this website you will find general information on how local tsunamis are generated by earthquakes as well as animations, virtual reality models of tsunamis, and summaries of past research studies.


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