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Job and Fellowship Opportunities

Jobs, Fellowships, Internships and Requests for Proposals of Interest to the Network
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Environmental/Energy Information Specialist to manage the Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Communications Center at the US Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration (, respond to requests for information, and maintain databases that track receipt and disposition of Communication Center requests and receipt and processing of reporting forms. This is a junior-level position, requiring less than 5 years of experience, with opportunity for professional growth. More information

PhD Opportunities in Climate Change Research at Purdue University:
One or two graduate students are sought to study the mechanisms of Holocene climate change in North America (the past 11,000 years). The research has two primary foci: (1) the causes of mid-continent aridity during the mid-Holocene, with emphasis on investigating the role of regional-scale processes such as atmosphere-land cover feedbacks, and (2) the sensitivity of California current seasonality and inter-annual variability to Holocene changes in external climate forcing. The work will focus on configuring, running and analyzing climate model experiments. In addition, the student(s) will work with researchers at collaborating institutions integrating model output with newly generated proxy climate reconstructions. Students interested in the PhD program are preferred and should contact Prof. Noah S. Diffenbaugh in the Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Purdue Univ., 550 Stadium Mall Dr., West Lafayette, IN, 47907-2051, USA. (

IIASA (International (Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) has two job openings, one for a research scholar in the Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies Program to cover the economic part of the energy-economic-environmental system. The candidate should have an advanced degree in macroeconomics, energy economics, environmental economics, or related field. The other position at IIASA is for a research scholar in the Forestry Program to cover the economic part of the DIMA model on integrated sink enhancement assessment (INSEA). The candidate should have an advanced degree in economics, forest or agricultural economics, environmental economics, or related fields. Preference will be given to applicants who are nationals of IIASA member countries. Applications from women are encouraged. For more information, see the website at


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