Table 1.1 Background statistics: Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Table 4.1 Timing of Zimbabwe's maize exports

Table 5.1 SADC grain production situation -- 1992

Table 5.2 Key events in Zimbabwe's drought response

Table 5.3 Zimbabwe's economic indicators

Table 5.4 Zambia's economic indicators

Table 6.1 Potential cost savings in Zimbabwe with an earlier ENSO forecast

Table 6.2 Chronology of grain shipments to Zimbabwe and Zambia


Figure 1.1 Map of Southern Africa

Figure 1.2 Timing and source of food imports in the SADC region

Figure 2.1 Temperature and precipitation anomalies associated with the 1982/83 ENSO

Figure 2.2 Food producation system in Sub-Saharan Africa

Figure 2.3 Modified food production system in Sub-Saharan Africa

Figure 2.4 Zimbabwe's rainfall record, 1980-1993

Figure 3.1 Domestic economic impact of drought shock

Figure 4.1 Cereal production in Southern Africa, 1983-1994

Figure 4.2 Zimbabwe's maize production by sector

Figure 4.3 Zimbabwe's maize production and stock levels

Figure 5.1 Rainfall anomaly map, (percent of mean): November 1991 - January 1992

Figure 5.2 Comparison of 1991/92 cold cloud duration with previous season

Figure 6.1 Transport routes in Southern Africa

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