AFC -- Agricultural Finance Corporation (Zimbabwe)

BOM -- Australian Bureau of Meteorology

CAC -- Climate Analysis Center of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); now the Climate Prediction Center (CPC)

CCA -- Canonical Correlation Analysis

DESA -- Drought Emergency in Southern Africa

ENSO -- El Niño-Southern Oscillation

ESAP -- Economic Structural Adjustment Program

EU -- European Union

FSTAU -- SADC's Food Security Technical and Administrative Unit

GDP -- Gross Domestic Product

GIEWS -- Global Information and Early Warning System of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

GMB -- Grain Marketing Board (Zimbabwe)

GNP -- Gross National Product

GOZ -- Government of Zimbabwe

GRZ -- Government of the Republic of Zambia

IMF -- International Monetary Fund

ITCZ -- Inter-tropical Convergence Zone

NEWU -- National Early Warning Unit

NGO -- Non-governmental Organization

NRZ -- National Railways of Zimbabwe

OGIL -- Open General Import License

OLR -- Out-going Longwave Radiation

RENAMO -- Revolucio National de Mocambique

REWS -- SADC Regional Early Warning System (consists of NEWUs and REWU)

REWU -- Regional Early Warning Unit

RSA -- Republic of South Africa

SADC -- Southern African Development Community

SADCC -- Southern African Development Co-ordinating Conference

SOI -- Southern Oscillation Index

SSA -- Sub-Saharan Africa

SST -- Sea-surface Temperature

UNDHA -- United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs

UNICEF -- United Nations Children's Fund

UN FAO -- United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

USAID -- United States Agency for International Development

WFP -- World Food Programme

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