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RISA-NCAR Similar Missions, Complementary Goals
RISA-NCAR Collaboration Proposal

The Collaborative Projects

Based on discussions during two meetings ( Arlington, November 2005, and Tucson, March 2006), the initial phase of RISA-NCAR collaboration will focus on three themes or projects. Each of these projects is designed as a partnership. Contact the NCAR co-chairs for further detail.

  1. North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP)

    --> Click here to view the NARCCAP Presentation [pdf]
  2. NARCCAP is an international program that will produce high resolution climate projections over the United States, Canada, and northern Mexico. The project uses regional climate models, coupled global climate models, and time-slice experiments. For the RISAs, NARCCAP will provide a host of climate variables for detailed impacts analyses and work with regional stakeholders. Details to be developed.

    NCAR contact: Linda Mearns

  3. Water-Weather-Climate Interactions
  4. Water, not surprisingly, is of primary interest in virtually every RISA. Weather extremes, climate variability and climate change directly impact water supplies, water quality, and water-based transportation. The initial project is likely to focus on the Colorado River Basin (a watershed covered by three western RISAs and NCAR). Details to be developed.

    NCAR contact: David Yates

  5. Capturing and Evaluation of RISA Experience
  6. RISAs have become the poster child for institutions providing climate services to a variety of stakeholders. They are and will be asked to demonstrate their impact; they continually need to learn, assess, and improve their integrative activities; and they want to learn from each other what works and why. This project will begin with two pilot projects – one focused on the Pacific Islands RISA, the other on the about-to-be-launched RISA in Alaska. The project will try to capture and assess various elements of RISA design, management, leadership, research and assessment foci, stakeholder interactions, and regional impacts. Details to be developed.

    NCAR contact: Susi Moser

Please check back occasionally for project updates.

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