Wednesday, July 17

Tim Killeen - Introduction (PDF)
Linda Mearns - Opening Remarks (PDF)
Ted Parson - Uncertainty and Decision Making and Climate Change (PDF)
Lester Snow - Water Management (PDF)
Ralph Cantral - Regional Coastal Management (PDF)
Cynthia Rosenzweig - Agriculture and Urban Environments (PDF)
Aris Georgakakos - Water Resources (PDF)
Dominique Bachelet (Ron Neilson) - Ecosystems (PDF)
Richard Moss - Scenario Needs for Vulnerability Assessments (PDF)
Hugh Pitcher - SRES and Alternatives (PDF)
V. Ramaswamy - Aerosols (PDF)
Gordon Bonan (Peter Thornton) - Landuse/Cover Change/Carbon Cycling (PDF)

Thursday, July 18

Gerald Meehl - Plans for Projections of Future Climate Change with Global Coupled Models at NCAR (PDF)
Ron Stouffer - GFDL Climate Model: Development, Activities and Plans (PDF)
Ron Miller - Climate Modeling at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (PDF)
Ruby Leung - On the Development of Regional Climate Change Scenarios (PDF)
Don Middleton - Climate Model Data Archive (PDF)
Linda Mearns - Data Distribution Center of the IPCC TGCIA (PDF)
Stephen Schneider - Uncertainty in the IPCC (PDF)
Mort Webster - Example of Quantifying Uncertainty in Climate Model Projections (PDF)
James Mahoney - Overview of Climate Change Research Initiative (CCRI) (Testimony in Word format)

Micro-Talks in Disciplinary Breakout Groups

Elaine Barrow - Canadian Climate Center Climate Modeling Plan (PDF)
Phile Duffy - High Resolution Time Slice Experiments (PDF)
Jonathan Patz - Scenario Needs for Health Impacts
Claudia Tebaldi - Example of Work on Uncertainty Measure Incorporating Model Bias and Projection Convergence (PDF)

Friday, July 19 - Agency Panel

Dave Bader
Anne Grambsch (PDF)
Stephen Meacham
Ants Leetma
Tsengdar Lee (PDF)
Todd Hinkley (PDF)
Mike McCracken




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