U.S. Workshop on Climate Projections, Uncertainty,
and Scenarios for Impacts Assessment

17-19 July 2002

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado

The goal of the workshop are: to assess needs/opportunities for the generation of user-oriented climate projections and scenarios; to discuss research in quantification of uncertainty in future climate projections and other aspects of impacts assessment work; and to discuss production of user oriented climate projections/scenarios at the major Climate Modeling Centers in the US (NCAR, GFDL, GISS). Detailed plans for organizing and distributing climate scenarios in support of impacts assessment activities in the US will also be discussed. The plans will address readiness for higher profile US participation in the next IPCC and improved production of scenarios for impacts use with measures of uncertainty for the next US Assessment and other impact assessment activities in the U.S. A 5-year action plan for accomplishing all this (i.e., creation of a unified program for developing and distributing climate projections and scenarios in the US) will be discussed. Other aspects of future scenarios (e.g., demographics, technologies) particularly relevant to vulnerability studies may be discussed.

The workshop will involve generally six groups:
1) Decision makers/Resource Managers
2) Impacts community
3) Emissions scenarios/other forcing scenarios group
4) Climate modelers (global/regional)/Climate data analysts
5) Researchers in uncertainty
6) Agency/program representatives

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