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Questions for Break-out Groups and Other Discussions

First phase: Wednesday: Mixed Groups - 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.

I. Impacts, Climate, Uncertainty

Chair: Doug Nychka
Rapporteur: Chuck Hakkarinen

E. Barrow D. Middleton
R. Doherty R. Miller
P. Duffy R. Moss
J. Hansen (MIT) J. Patz
D. Lettenmaier J. Risbey
R. Leung T. Root
J. Meehl J. Smith

II. Emissions/Forcings, Impacts, Uncertainty

Chair: Neil Leary
Rapporteur: Heidi Cullen

D. Bachelet J. Norwine
G. Bonan H. Pitcher
A. Georgakakos J. Reilly
B. Harriss R. Smith
J. Kiehl S. Smith
T. Kittel M. Webster

III. Emissions/Forcings, Climate, Uncertainty

Chair: Peter Stone
Rapporteur: Lisa Dilling

C. Ammann V. Ramaswamy
D. Bader D. Schimel
J. Feddema R. Stouffer
A. Grady C. Tebaldi
B. Gutowski T. Wigley
A. Leetma W. Washington

IV. Decision makers, Uncertainty, Impacts

Chair: Bill Easterling
Rapporteur: Kathy Miller

M. Berliner M. Maccracken
R. Cantral K. Miller
P. Cochran J. Minton
B. Dugas T. Parson
L. Gates C. Rosenzweig
L. Joyce S. Schneider
A. Lynch L. Snow


Second Phase: Thursday: Disciplinary Groups - 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

I. Climate

Chair: Bill Gutowski
Rapporteur: James Risbey

C. Ammann R. Leung
D. Bader A. Lynch
E. Barrow M. MacCracken
R. Doherty J. Mahlman
P. Duffy J. Meehl
L. Gates D. Middleton
B. Gutowski R. Miller
C. Hakkarinen J. Risbey
T. Karl R. Stouffer
A. Leetma K. Trenberth
  W. Washington

II. Impacts

Chair: Joel Smith
Rapporteur: Terry Root

D. Bachelet D. Lettenmaier
M.Downton S. McNeeley
B. Dugas K. Miller
B. Easterling R. Moss
A. Georgakakos J. Patz
L. Joyce T. Root
T. Kittel C. Rosenzweig
N. Leary J. Smith

III. Uncertainty/Decision Makers

Chair: Mark Berliner
Rapporteur: Jim Hansen (MIT)

M. Berliner T. Parson
A. Grady S. Schneider
J. Hansen R. Smith
R. Katz P. Stone
D. Nychka C. Tebaldi
  M. Webster

IV. Emissions/other External Forcings

Chair: John Reilly
Rapporteur: Steven Smith

G. Bonan H. Pitcher
L. Dilling V. Ramaswamy
J. Feddema J. Reilly
J. Hansen (GISS) D. Schimel
B. Harriss S. Smith
J. Kiehl T. Wigley

Questions for Break-out Groups and Other Discussions

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