Information on Break-out Groups

Structure of Breakout Groups

Each break-out group will be charged with discussing and answering key questions that will aid in the formation of an action plan related to the goals of the workshop. Chairs and rapporteurs for the break-out groups will be selected very soon. Questions for the break-out groups are being formulated.

First phase: Wednesday afternoon: break into Mixed Groups - 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.

Each group will address some questions regarding the interactions between the subject areas.

I. Impacts, Climate, Uncertainty
II. Emissions/Forcings, Impacts, Uncertainty
III. Emissions/Forcings, Climate Modeling, Uncertainty
IV. Decision makers, Uncertainty, Impacts

Second Phase: Thursday Afternoon: Disciplinary Groups - 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Each group will address some questions specific to their discipline.

I. Climate
II. Impacts
III. Uncertainty/Decision Makers
IV. Emissions/other External Forcings

Group Definitions

Impacts - Researchers of impacts of climate change on resource systems, e.g., agriculture, human health.
Emissions/Forcings - Researchers studying future emissions of greenhouse gases, aerosols, and other forcings such as land use/cover change.
Climate - Researchers in global and regional climate modeling, climate scenario formation and climate data.
Decision Makers - Resource managers and others who study processes of decision making.
Uncertainty - Researchers in the quantification of uncertainty in climate change.


Questions for Break-out Groups and Other Discussions



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