Title Digital Library on Societal Impacts
Type Research Project
Abstract DLSI is a Web-based resource for collecting and disseminating research findings related to the use and value of weather forecasts. The library makes research results, including case studies, Web sites, decision support tools, and other resources accessible to the appropriate communities.
Participants Robert Harriss
Emily Laidlaw
Jeff Lazo
Bill Mahoney
Rebecca Morss
Eric Scharff
Asim Zia
Start Date 2004
Funders NOAA
Keywords Digital Library
Extreme Climate
Forecast Use & Value
Observing Systems
Research Facilitation Tools
US Weather Research Project
Weather Impacts
Research Themes Assessment Methods, Products and Tools
Use of Scientific Information in Decision Processes
Vulnerability, Adaptation, Thresholds and Resilience
Integrated Science and Regional Applications


"Because the pathway to sustainability cannot be charted in advance, it will have to be navigated through trial and error and conscious experimentation. The urgent need is to design strategies and institutions that can better integrate incomplete knowledge with experimental action into programs of adaptive management and social learning."
NRC, Our Common Journey (1999)