Title Climate Projections and Impacts Assessment for California
Type Research Project
Abstract This multi-disciplinary project produced updated climate change projections for California, using two climate models and two IPCC SRES emissions scenarios, downscaled the results, and examined impacts on key climate-sensitive sectors in California (water, agriculture, human health etc.). Susanne Moser's contribution to the project focused on human health impacts of future heat extremes.
Participants Susanne Moser
18 additional researchers (see web site)
Start Date 2002
Funders David and Lucile Packard Foundation
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Energy Foundation
California Energy Commission
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Office of Global Programs Department of Energy
Keywords assessment
climate change
climate change impacts
climate projections
sres scenarios
Research Themes Integrated Science and Regional Applications
Use of Scientific Information in Decision Processes


"Because the pathway to sustainability cannot be charted in advance, it will have to be navigated through trial and error and conscious experimentation. The urgent need is to design strategies and institutions that can better integrate incomplete knowledge with experimental action into programs of adaptive management and social learning."
NRC, Our Common Journey (1999)