The Daily Camera Honors ESIG Scientist Michael H. Glantz
January 22, 2002

Neville Nicholls of Australia's Bureau of Meteorology called Michael (Mickey) Glantz the "doyen of the climate impacts community" in his letter in support of Glantz's nomination. He also said that "Mickey Glantz has done more to spread the understanding and use of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation phenomenon around the world than any other person."

Since the 1972 drought in Africa's Sahel region, Glantz has been trying to help people around the world cope with climate variability. The work has brought the NCAR researcher to more than 50 countries around the globe, where he talks with government officials, scientists and regular people about how to predict droughts and floods, and how to deal with them.

On 22 January 2002, Boulder's Daily Camera presented 11 Pacesetter Awards for 2002. Mickey won the award as the 2002 Pacesetter for the Environment. He also writes a series of environmental editorials on his fragilecologies site. More of Mickey's current endeavors are available on his homepage.

"Because the pathway to sustainability cannot be charted in advance, it will have to be navigated through trial and error and conscious experimentation. The urgent need is to design strategies and institutions that can better integrate incomplete knowledge with experimental action into programs of adaptive management and social learning."
NRC, Our Common Journey (1999)