Workshop on Native American Climate Decision Making
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Workshop Goals
(This workshop is part of an ongoing project.)

Project Goals The goal of this project is to develop an agenda for application and research on climate change and environmental decision-making in Native communities. Native lands are sizable, Native populations are growing, Native peoples' aspirations and needs are numerous, and the dynamics of decision-making in Native communities are complex. The task of our group is to examine climate decision-making dynamics in Native communities within the context of the complexities just outlined. The group will choose 8 to 10 high-priority Native Climate decision-making issues for further examination. For example, cultural, community, inter-governmental, and process aids and barriers to effective environmental decision-making in Native lands might be selected. Or, we might decide that infusing Native perspectives and traditional knowledge into mainstream environmental science is critical such that we want to develop recommendations for researching and implementing that goal. Once the entire group has agreed on a group of priority topics, the project leaders will develop a written report that examines each of them and makes recommendations for future progress on them. The project team will also attempt to develop strategies (e.g., applications for grant support for follow-up research or application) for keeping the momentum of our work going at the conclusion of the current project.

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National Science Foundation Colorado State University National Center for Atmospheric Research The Workshop on Native American Climate Decision Making is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Colorado State University, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.