The North American Carbon Program Plan (NACP)
A Report of the Committee of the
U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Steering Group

  Table of Contents
About the North American Carbon Program Plan (NACP)
Executive Summary
    Motivation for the NACP
    Goals of the NACP
    Major Program Elements of the NACP
    Integrating Models and Mode-Data Assimilation
    Implementing the NACP
    Highest Priority Enabling Developments for the NACP
    Synergy with Other Scientific Problems of Social Interest
    Summary of Overall NACP Deliverables
    Near-Term Deliverables of the NACP (2004-2007)
Chapter 1: Introduction: Motivation, Major Goals and Program Objectives
    The Opportunity
    A New Integrative Framework
    Building a North American Partnership
    Parallel Efforts in Europe, Australia, and Japan
    Reporting to the Nations of North America and the World
Chapter 2: Major Elements of the NACP
    Atmospheric Sampling Programs
    (a) Network of long-term atmospheric observations
    (b) Intensive atmospheric field campaigns
    Land: Measurements and Models of Terrestrial Carbon Fluxes
    Oceans: Measurements and Models of Marine Carbon Fluxes
    Data Analysis and Modeling: Data Fusion for Atmospheric, Land Surface, and Ocean Observations
    Forward Simulation of Atmospheric Concentrations
    Inverse Modeling and Data Assimilation
Chapter 3: Synergy of the NACP with Other Major Areas of Research
    Atmospheric Chemistry
    Resource Management and Ecological Sciences
    Weather Forecasting and Climate
Chapter 4: Management and Deliverables
    Management of the NACP
    Deliverables of the NACP
    Appendix 1:
            – Initial Concepts for Atmospheric Observations
            – Intensive Operation Periods (IOPs)
            – Intensive Field Campaigns
    Appendix 2: Phased Implementation of Biophysical/Biogeochemical Measurements and Models
    Appendix 3:
            – Ocean Carbon Initiatives and Ocean Observations
            – Initial Concepts for Ocean Observations
    Appendix 4a: Satellite Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation Office (DAO) Contributions to NACP
    Appendix 4b: Emissions Inventories in the NACP
List of Figures and Tables
    Figure 1. Data flow and integration in the NACP
    Figure 2. Concentration distributions for CO2, August 2000, from COBRA-2000
    Figure 3. NOAA’s Vegetation Health Index for the time period of the measurements in COBRA-2000
    Figure A1.1. Evolutionary design for the NACP atmospheric observation network
    Figure A3.1. pCO2 variability in surface waters across continental margin of west coast of US
    Figure A3.2. Proposal sampling domains for open-ocean and coastal regions of NACP
    Table 1. Multi-tier concept with likely variables central to land observation system
    Table A4.1. Remote-sensing contribution to providing ecosystem variables relevant to carbon cycle studies
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