Selected Presentations


Passing the Buck: Money, Leadership, and Responsibility for Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise. Paper to be presented at Coastal Zone '07, Portland, OR, July 22-26.

Shaking Hands with the Govenator: A Science-Practice Blockbuster called California. Paper to be presented at the AAG Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 17-21.

Climate Change Science in Support of Societal Decision-Making: What Practitioners Need. Paper presented at the AAAS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, February 17.

Changing the Climate Change Conversation: Larger Lessons. Paper presented at the AAAS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, February 16.


Managing Climate Change Risks in Coastal California : Attitudes, Information Needs, and Institutional Constraints. Invited presentations to the California Coastal Commission (commissioners and staff), San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, and the Public Policy Institute of California, San Francisco, CA, December 14, 18, 19.

Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change: How Ready Is Coastal California ? Paper presented at the California and the World Ocean '06 conference, Session “Implications of a Rising Sea Level for California ”, September 17-20, Long Beach, CA.

…And the Reassuring Lies about Societal Adaptation: Is the U.S. the Next Akkadian Empire? Invited presentation at National Academy of Sciences' 18th Annual U.S. Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium, November 2-4, Irvine, CA.

Communicating Climate Change – Motivating Civic Action: Opportunity for Democratic Renewal? Invited paper presented at a conference entitled “North American Climate Change Politics and Policy.” Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, May 18-19, Washington, DC.

Talk for a Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Effective Communication of Climate Change, invited presentations to CSIRO, Hobart, May 5; CSIRO, Aspendale, May 8; Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia, May 8.

Talk of the City: Engaging Urbanites on Climate Change. Invited paper on ‘New Approaches to Public Engagement' presented at an international workshop, “Climate Change and Urban Areas,” organized by Tim Killeen and Peter Backlund, London, UK, April 3-4.

Climate and Terrorism: Commonalities and Differences in Societal Response. Invited paper, AAAS Symposium “Risks and Society in the 21 st Century”, organized by Thomas Dietz and Eugene Rosa, AAAS Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, February 19. [an adapted version was be presented as an ISSE Coffee talk on 4/11/06.]


Extreme Heat and Health Impacts in California. Paper presented at the AMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, January 10 (first author: Katharine Hayhoe, other co-authors: L. Kalkstein, N.L. Miller, S.C. Sheridan, and M. Dettinger).

One Hundred Ways to Miss the Mark: Avoiding the Pitfalls in the Communication – Social Change Continuum. Sixth Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global Change Research Community, Bonn, Germany, October 10-15.

In the Long Shadows of Inaction: The Quiet Building of a Climate Protection Movement in the United States. AAG Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, April 8