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Climate Change in California: How Ready is the Coastal Sector?

In coastal areas, climate change is expected to lead to faster sea-level rise, increasing coastal hazards, growing water quality issues, and greater pressures on coastal ecosystems. Already, coastal areas face critical problems. How will coastal states and communities deal with these growing challenges?

This webpage summarizes results from a study that examined how well prepared the state of California is to deal with the challenges associated with global warming (for more background on this study click here).

We present findings that combine results from a comprehensive survey of nearly 300 local coastal managers from municipal and county governments in California (conducted in the second half of 2006) with insights gained from 18 in-depth interviews with regional, state, and federal managers (conducted in early 2006), as well as other data on the coastal management situation in that state.

Our research examined current management challenges and any efforts to prepare for the growing risks and impacts associated with climate change and sea-level rise. We also examined barriers to action, needs for information, assistance, leadership, guidance, and available resources to begin adapting to these global change challenges (see Findings and Publications).

After reviewing the information on this website, feel free to contact us with any further questions. Thank you for your interest.