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The following categories of internet resources have been compiled to provide simple and easily accessible information on different aspects of extreme heat. This space has been created to connect the different drivers of, impacts of, and responses to extreme heat as well as to provide  users with a network of  information and ongoing research from national labs, federal and state government branches, universities, and community groups. Additional Web resource suggestions are welcome. (Please note that the links listed below will take you out of the current website.)

~ Human Impacts ~

A searchable service of the National Library of Medicine, includes heat-related health impact literature.

Center for Disease Control Extreme Heat Web Page
This site includes information on links between extreme heat, health, and preventative measures, and also has a FAQ concerning heat and health, and a discussion of the role of energy use in compounding effects of extreme heat.

Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) Extreme Heat Backgrounder
This website provides description of individual and community vulnerability to extreme heat and includes section on causes of heat waves and an extreme heat fact sheet.

The Red Cross Heat Waves Web Page
This webaite describes the symptoms of heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and heat cramps and outlines the various steps to take to preserve your health when a heat wave is predicted or in progress. This website is also available en Español.

~ Heat Island ~

California Energy Commision Heat Island Mitigation Links
Links to Cool Roof technology information webpages and other urban heat island mitigation and cooling strategies.

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Heat Island Group Homepage
The Heat Island Group homepage presents research related to various aspects of urban heat islands including reflective surfaces, air quality, vegetation, and energy use.

Learning About Urban Heat Islands Another good website by the Heat Island Group focusing on causes and effects of heat islands.

Environmental Protection Agency Heat Island Reduction Initiative
Basic description of the nature and causes of heat islands, including connections to global warming; also describes EPA heat-island mitigation strategies.

~ Heat Index ~

Climate Prediction Center's Heat Index Outlook
Provides a forecasted heat index outlook for the coming week, updated only during summer months.

National Weather Service Heat Index Calculator
Allows user to input temperature and relative humidity to generate a heat index calculation.

~ Climate and Weather ~

Tiempo Climate-Related News
A newswatch site that scans daily news articles of climate related stories using a series of key phrases, including heat waves, with particular focus on the Third World and global climate change.

National Weather Service Internet Weather Source – Heat Wave Page
General information on heat waves, including heat charts, indexes, health impacts, and a description of the NWS Heat Index Program.

NWS Office of Climate, Weather, and Weather Services Natural Hazard Statistics Site
Natural disaster hazard statistics for various hazards (including heat) broken down by state and date.

National Weather Service Offices Map
Links to NWS and forecast offices by city where forecasts and past weather information is available.

~ Examples of State Resources ~

Arkansas National Weather Service Office Heat Page
Elementary description of heat and humidity and their combined impact on human health.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Summer Heat Web Page
Basic description of heat and humidity, including heat disorders and safety tips.

National Climatic Data Center 1998 Summer Heat and Precipitation Extremes
Data on heat and precipitation extremes for the summer of 1998 for the state of Texas.

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