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Heat WavesHeat waves do not evoke the same sense of widespread urgency or fright as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Although they are far less property-destructive than other extreme weather events, more lives have been claimed over the past fifteen years by heat than by all other extreme weather events combined. Heat waves are natural, technological, and social hazards, which makes preparation for and response to these climate events complex. It often takes multiple days of oppressive heat for a heat wave to exact its toll upon society. Heat waves do not strike victims, but rather they sneak up on and slowly suffocate life out of vulnerable populations. Because heat waves are slow and silent, media coverage of and public education on heat waves are scarce. However, heat waves have widespread impacts. This web page has been designed to provide information on heat wave mitigation, preparation, vulnerability, and resources to help fill the current void in heat wave awareness.

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