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Heat Waves: Be PreparedExposure to extreme heat can cause a myriad of health problems. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are among serious impacts of extreme heat. The symptoms of both heat exhaustion and stroke develop quickly, so timely information on hot-weather precautions is critical. During the warm season, and particularly in the event of a heat wave, communities and people themselves can take many precautions in order to mitigate impacts of heat waves. For more information, visit the following websites (please note these links will take you out of the current website):

Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) Extreme Heat Backgrounder
This website provides a description of individual and community vulnerability to extreme heat and includes a section on the causes of heat waves and an extreme heat fact sheet.

The Red Cross Heat Waves Web Page
This website describes the symptoms of heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and heat cramps and outlines the various steps to take to preserve your health when a heat wave is predicted or in progress. This website is also available en Español.

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