We have established a new moderated discussion list called "fish-games". The purpose of this list is to facilitate an exchange of information about, and to promote analysis of, problems in achieving coordinated management of international "transboundary" fisheries. Here we have in mind both so-called "shared stocks" , which range along continental edges or within regional seas, and "straddling stocks" whose range extends beyond national EEZs and into international waters.

Instances of conflict and potential conflict over transboundary fisheries are ubiquitous throughout the world's seas. While there are some -- a few -- examples of stable and effective international agreements governing transboundary fish harvests, often treaty arrangements have proved to be difficult to negotiate, contentious to implement, and unstable --- frequently degenerating into renewed conflict. In many other cases of shared stocks, the parties simply operate unilaterally, and without any real effort at coordination.

We hope that our discussions here will elicit information on various "case studies" of transboundary fisheries management -- examining instances both of conflict and successful cooperation. We hope to draw out similarities and differences in the circumstances of these cases, and to discuss the nature of institutional safeguards and incentives necessary for achieving stable, effective agreements.

Finally, we hope the discussions here will lead to an exploration of formal approaches to the modeling and analysis of transboundary fisheries management, and to an exchange of ideas on modeling transboundary fisheries conflicts, and especially on the structuring of institutional arrangements that might prove effective in achieving cooperative regimes.

To subscribe to fish-games, visit the following URL: www.atd.ucar.edu/mailman/listinfo/fish-games

This is a moderated list. Messages will be screened to eliminate advertisements and other irrelevant or inappropriate messages. We expect postings to emphasize theoretical or empirical analyses of international fishery management issues, and to reflect respect for differing findings or opinions expressed in the postings of other list participants.

  Posted on Posted by Subject
1 April 12, 98 Robert McKelvey Welcome to Fish-games!
2 April 14, 98 Kathleen Miller Hello all
3 April 14, 98 Peter Tyedmers Re: Kathleen's post and queries
4 April 19, 98 Robert McKelvey How well do we model cooperation?
5 April 20, 98 Howard S. Schiffman Reply to Message 4
6 April 22, 98 Ragnar Arnason
Ussif Rashid Sumaila
John Caddy
Tom Nies
Robert McKelvey
Tim Adams
Co-ordination games
7 April 29, 98 Robert McKelvey Side Payments
8 April 29, 98 Robert McKelvey Game Models: Prescriptions or Parables?
9 May 27, 98 Kathleen Miller
John Caddy
Tom Wainwright
Robert McKelvey
Some thoughts on treaties
10 August 25, 98 Jacek Krawczyk Fish-Games Message
11 August 27, 98 Kathleen Miller
Jacek B. Krawczyk
More on scientific disagreements and fisheries conflicts

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