The Extremes Toolkit

Weather and Climate Applications for Extreme Value Analysis (EVA)

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The Extremes Toolkit is in the process of undergoing major changes.

Summary of changes:

  • New Website! This current page is going away.
  • extRemes (version >= 2.0) will now be a command-line only package.
  • The point-and-click windows formerly contained in extRemes will now be contained in the new (to-be-released) R package called in2extRemes.
  • Thorough tutorials for both packages (both are to-be-released) will be made available.
  • extRemes version 2.0 will contain many new features not currently available in extRemes or ismev.
Some examples of new features that will be included are: (i) GMLE and Bayesian estimation, (ii) more diagnostic plots for non-stationary models, (iii) more diagnostic plots for PP models, (iv) confidence intervals for "effective" return levels, (v) more user-friendly object-oriented method functions to make using the command-line code easier, among numerous other new features.

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