ESIG is now part of ISSE

The Environmental and Societal Impacts Group

Thirty-five years ago (in 1970), the Environmental and Societal Impacts Group (ESIG) was formed in the Advanced Study Program (ASP) at NCAR to address the societal and environmental aspects of the National Hail Research Experiment, which was carried out between 1970 and 1975. Since that time, ESIG researchers, visitors, and students have pioneered many aspects of climate-related impact studies and have sparked research interest in climate-related issues around the globe. It will continue to do so as a subgroup within the newly created NCAR Institute for the Study of Society and Environment (ISSE).

The launch of the NCAR Reorganization on 1 October 2004 created three new institutes within NCAR, one of which is ISSE. The new laboratory, Societal-Environmental Research and Education (SERE), is comprised of ISSE and ASP. Coming full circle from those early beginnings, SERE agains joins the two programs. Tom Bogdan is the Acting Director of SERE. More information about the new SERE Laboratory.

"Because the pathway to sustainability cannot be charted in advance, it will have to be navigated through trial and error and conscious experimentation. The urgent need is to design strategies and institutions that can better integrate incomplete knowledge with experimental action into programs of adaptive management and social learning."
NRC, Our Common Journey (1999)