Increasing the Value of Weather Information in the Operation of the Electric Power System

Sponsored by the United States Weather Research Program (USWRP)

USWRP and the Societal Impacts of Weather
ESIG is taking a central role in establishing the research agenda for the “societal impacts” context of the USWRP research. The topic is difficult to approach systematically because it has many dimensions and as many stakeholders. ESIG is suggesting an approach that provides useful scientific guidance to weather researchers by examining decision making of prepared, sophisticated, formal decision makers who rely on weather information, whose actions affect large cross-sections of society in a significant way, and who can adapt their decisions to information about expected weather conditions. The electric power sector is the first set of decision makers to participate in this process.

This short paper outlines the fundamental research opportunities in the area of electric power and weather.

ESIG held a workshop on November 6-7, 2002, at the National Center for Atmospheric Research campus in Boulder, Colorado. Approximately 35 experts from the electric power industry and meteorological science attended to discuss the weather information needs of the electric power sector, and the collaborations necessary to improve the value of this information. The goals were to:

NEW!   The workshop report posted February 18th, 2003.

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