Selected Presentations


The challenge of communicating about climate change to support societal action. Paper presented by Lisa Dilling in a session entitled “Communicating Climate Change: Strategies for Effective Engagement,” Susanne Moser (organizer), AAAS Annual Meeting, San Francisco , CA , February 15-19.

Changing the Climate Change Conversation: Larger Lessons. Paper presented by Susi Moser in a session entitled “Communicating Climate Change: Strategies for Effective Engagement,” S. Moser (organizer), AAAS Annual Meeting, San Francisco , CA , February 15-19.

Invited panel presentation by S. Moser with Mark Hertsgaard and Terry Taminen, Society of Environmental Journalists Annual Meeting, Stanford University, September, 2007.

Don't Just Talk at Someone - Sit There! Toward Dialogue and Engagement on Global Warming . Invited presentation by Susi Moser at Clark University , Worcester , MA in the School of Humanities ' Difficult Dialogues event series, October 2007.


Communicating Climate Change – Motivating Civic Action: Opportunity for Democratic Renewal? Invited paper presented at a conference entitled “North American Climate Change Politics and Policy.” Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, May 18-19, Washington, DC.

Communicating our Passion for a Better World, Invited presentation to the Climate Action Network Australia, Sydney, May 12.

Talk for a Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Effective Communication of Climate Change, invited presentations to CSIRO, Hobart, May 5; CSIRO, Aspendale, May 8; Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia, May 8.

Talk of the City: Engaging Urbanites on Climate Change. Invited paper on ‘New Approaches to Public Engagement' presented at an international workshop, “Climate Change and Urban Areas,” organized by Tim Killeen and Peter Backlund, London, UK, April 3-4.

Climate and Terrorism: Commonalities and Differences in Societal Response. Invited paper, AAAS Symposium “Risks and Society in the 21 st Century”, organized by Thomas Dietz and Eugene Rosa, AAAS Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, February 19. [an adapted version was presented as an ISSE Coffee talk on 4/11/06.]


Climate Change Needs Social Change: The Role of Communication. Paper session at the Sixth Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global Change Community, Bonn, October 10, 2005 (co-organizer and co-chair)

Responding to Climate Change: Governance and Social Action. Series of Paper Sessions to be held at the AAG Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, April 5-9, co-organized with Hariett Bulkeley, University of Durham, UK (co-chair)

“If I kept silent”: Supporting Social Change through Effective Communication of Climate Change. Susi Moser, November 10, presentation to members of Rachel’s Network (national organization of women environmental philanthropists), Boulder, CO.

One Hundred Ways to Miss the Mark: Avoiding the Pitfalls in the Communication – Social Change Continuum. Susi Moser, October 10, paper presented at the Sixth Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global Change Research Community, Bonn, Germany.

In the Long Shadows of Inaction: The Quiet Building of a Climate Protection Movement in the United States. Paper presented at the AAG Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, April 8.

“North to the Future”: Communicating to and from the Arctic Front Lines of Climate Change. Lisa Dilling and Susi Moser, May 19-20, Arctic Forum 2005, Washington, DC.

Every Urgency Needs a Good Story. Susi Moser, February 12, invited panel commentary presented at the Whole Earth Systems: Science, Technology and Policysymposium in honor of Steve Schneider, Stanford University.


Communicating Climate Change: Creative Challenge or Conundrum? Education Session at the AGU Annual Meeting, San Francisco, December 13-17 (co-organizer with Mark McCaffrey).

Communicating the Urgency and Challenge of Global Climate Change: Lessons Learned and New Strategies. Lisa Dilling, December 15, AGU Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Making Climate Hot: Communication Strategies for Climate Change. Susi Moser, November 16, invited presentation at a Public Forum, entitled “Impacts of Climate Change on Southern California: The Next 30 Years,” City of San Diego, CA.

Science in the service of society - Reflections on an NCAR Workshop on Communication Strategies for Climate Change. Susi Moser & Lisa Dilling, July 15, NCAR Directors' Meeting, NCAR, Boulder, CO.

Climate Change: Past Legacies, Current Choices. Lisa Dilling, June 9, NCAR, Boulder, CO.

Confused and Scared and Deeply in Denial: Improving climate change communication and facilitating social change. Susi Moser & Lisa Dilling, January 28, CIRES, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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