Current External Project Partners




Julian Agyeman

Tufts University Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

Sustainability, environmental justice and education for sustainability

Susan Anderson

City of Portland, Oregon

Community climate action

John Atcheson

U.S. Department of Energy

Energy policy and markets

Marily Averill

University of Colorado at Boulder

Legal means of societal response to climate change

Mary Catherine Bateson

Institute for Intercultural Studies, New York City

Cultural anthropology, intercultural studies, org. change, learning and adaptation

Sally Bingham

The Regenaration Project, San Fransisco

Theology, moral response to climate change

Ann Bostrom

Georgia Institute of Technology

Risk perception, communication, and mental models

Caron Chess

Rutgers University

Risk communication; public participation

Nancy Cole

Union of Concerned Scientists

Organizer, climate change outreach

Bob Doppelt

University of Oregon

Organizational behavioral change and sustainability

Sharon Dunwoody

University of Wisconsin

Mass communication, journalism, info use to judge risk

Pierre duVair

State of California

State and regional response to climate change

Barbara Farhar

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, University of Colorado

Social/policy aspects of energy; weather

Natasha Fraley


Writer, editor

David Gershon

Empowerment Institute

Behavior change, sustainable behavior, empowerment

Tina Grotzer

Harvard University

Environmental education, cognitive development

Bob Harriss

Houston Advanced Research Center


Halida Hatic

Tufts University


Keith James

Portland State University

Organizational psychologist, cross-cultural beliefs of env., science, and technology

Dale Jamieson

New York University

Ethics, institutional, cultural barriers

Bob Kates

Independent Scholar

Hazards, human dimensions, climate change impacts

Dan Lashof

Natural Resources Defense Council

Climate Change

Tony Leiserowitz

University of Oregon

Risk perception, affect, climate change communication

Rebecca Lincoln

Harvard University

Environmental education

Kathy Lynn

University of Oregon


Aaron McCright

Michigan State University

Sociology, climate change counter-movement, contrarians

Shannon McNeeley

University of Alaska-Fairbanks/NCAR

Adaptation, traditional ecological knowledge, Alaska

David Meyer

UC Irvine

Social movements, public policy

Laurie Michaelis

Living Witness Project, UK

Behavior change, culture change

Linda Giannelli Pratt

San Diego Sustainable Community Program

Local action, city government, climate change

Benjamin Preston

CSIRO, Australia

Business responses to climate change, climate impacts

Sarah Rabkin

University of California- Santa Cruz

Writer, editor

Kathy Regan

Tufts University

Organizer, non-confrontational communication

Sam Sadler

State of Oregon

State and regional response to climate change

April Smith

Colorado State University -Fort Collins

Organizational Change

Abbey Tennis

Massachusetts Office of Commonwealth Development

State responses to climate change, Northeast

John Tribbia

University of Colorado-Boulder

Sociology, behavior change

Shelly Ungar

University of Toronto

Culture, media, and climate change communication

Anthony Usibelli

Washington Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development

State responses to climate change, West Coast

Lucy Warner


Communications, NCAR

Susan Watrous


Writer, editor

Abby Young


Organizer, local actions to deal with climate change



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