Creating a Climate for Change:
Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating Social Change

Our multi-collaborator project on the effective communication of climate change resulted in an exciting anthology:

Moser, Susanne C. and Lisa Dilling (eds.). Creating a Climate for Change: Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating Social Change. Cambridge University Press, in press.

Brief Summary
The call for effective communication, public outreach, and education as a way to increase support for a particular course of policy or collective action is pervasive.  Perhaps nowhere is it more pressing than in the context of anthropogenic climate change. The growing scientific consensus on the reality and causes of climate change, as well as scientists’ increasingly urgent message that climate change is underway, and at the current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, will lead to significant and increasingly severe impacts, call for concerted response.

Creating a Climate for Change explores how communication efforts can be strengthened to make them better serve society’s ability to respond to a challenge requiring policy and individual action. Drawing on diverse scholarship in relevant disciplines and on practical experience, this book takes stock of the immense challenges involved in effectively communicating climate change, debunks common myths, and offers well-founded, yet pragmatic suggestions for improvement.

The hopeful conclusion is that communication can and must play an indispensable role in effectively facilitating action on climate change – at all levels and in all sectors of society. This unique collection introduces fresh ideas for engaging audiences in dialogue on one of the most challenging problems of our times.

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