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The Challenge of Change:
Managing for Sustainability of Oceanic Top Predator Species

A National Science Foundation (NSF) – Community Building Workshop
Marine Science Institute – University of California, Santa Barbara
April 12-14, 2007

About CLIOTOP Working Group 5

This Working Group is part of a new international scientific effort organized as the CLIOTOP (CLimate Impacts on Oceanic TOP Predators) program. CLIOTOP is a GLOBEC regional program which will address open ocean ecosystem dynamics, the influence of climate on the dynamics of top predator populations – including tuna and billfish, and the socioeconomic aspects of climate-related stock dynamics.

The goals of Working Group 5 are to improve understanding of:

  • the factors that drive human impacts on top predator species;
  • the efforts to manage those human impacts through local, national, regional, and international scientific and regulatory efforts; and
  • the impacts and implications of these scientific and regulatory efforts, together with changes in stocks and catch of top predator species on those communities dependent on them.

Please click here for more information, or contact Working Group 5 co-chairs:
Kathleen Miller (ISSE) ( and
Rémi Mongruel (Ifremer, France) (