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Lecturers and Presentations
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# Lecturer Affiliation Presentation
1 Barbour, Russell Yale School of Medicine Spatial Modeling of Mosquito Densities Using the New MODIS Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) and Near Ground Humidity Indexes
Remotely Sensed Indicators of Micro-climate in predicting new Areas of Human Risk of Lyme Disease using Spatial Statistics and artificial neural Networks
2 Backlund, Peter NCAR-Directorate Applying Science to affect Policy Change
3 Batzli, Sam University of Wisconsin-Madison Applying Remote Sensing and GIS to Infectious Disease
4 Bell, Michelle Yale University Climate Change and Air Quality Modeling
5 Collins, William NCAR-CGD  
6 Ebi, Kristi EXPONENT Consulting Assessing Human Health Vulnerability and Public Health Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change
Methods of assessing human health vulnerability and public health adaptation to climate change
7 Epstein, Paul Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard Medical School Climate Change Future: Health, Ecological and Economic Dimension
8 Gilleland, Eric NCAR-RAPtd> Extreme Events Tutorial
9 Hayden, Mary University of Colorado An Interdisciplinary Model for Dengue Fever Research
10 Johnson, Roberta NCAR-E&O Strategies for Engaging Students, Teachers, and the General Public in Climate Change and Health Education.
Biography Roberta Johnson
11 Katz, Richard NCAR-ESIG Extreme Events Tutorial
12 Kovats, Sari London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Heat waves in Europe
Assessing the health risks of global climate change
13 LeBaily, Adrienne Center for Disease Control  
14 Madronich, Sasha NCAR-ACD Air Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry
15 Mearns, Linda NCAR-ESIG/td> Introduction to the Colloquium on Climate and Health: A Challenge to Interdisciplinarity
Use of Climate Scenarios Developed from Regional Climate Model Experiments: Abstract for NCAR Summer 04 Colloquium on Climate and Health
16 Mayer, Jonathan University of Washington Analyzing Societal Responses to Climate Change
With Particular Reference to Health
17 Moore, Chester Colorado State University, Dept. of Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences ArboNet and the Arbonauts—Rapid Reporting Systems for Vector-borne and Zoonotic Disease
18 Moser, Susi NCAR-ESIG Climate Change and the Potential Impacts on Mortality from Heat
19 Nychka, Doug NCAR-CGD  
20 Patz, Jonathan

Johns Hopkins University
Program on Health Effects of Global Environmental Change
Overview of Public Health Implications of Climate and Land use Change

21 Pulwarty, Roger NOAA  
22 Saito, Emi USGS National Wildlife Health Center Wildlife Health Surveillance: It's increasing role in environmental and human health monitoring
23 Tebaldi, Claudia NCAR-ESIG Regional Climate Change: Calculating Probabilities
24 Thomson, Madeleine Columbia University, International Research Institute for Climate Prediction Climate and disease in Africa
Kenya Wajir excercise
25 Trenberth, Kevin NCAR-CGD How should rainfall change as climate changes
The Earth's climate system variability and change
26 Wilson, Mark L. University of Michigan, Epidemiology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  
27 Wilby, Rob Environment Agency, UK> Statistical downscaling: overview and application to future climate change impacts in urban areas
Urban Heat Island and Air Quality of London, UK
28 Wigley, Tom NCAR-CGD Climate Change Projections: Sources and Magnitudes of Uncertainty
29 Wilkinson, Paul London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK Time Series Methods for Studying the Health Effects of Weather
30 Wood, Eric USGS/ EROS Data Center Applying Remote Sensing and GIS to Infectious Disease
31 Zielinski-Gutierrez, Emily CDC The Humans in Human Ecology: Society and West Nile Virus