Dr. Bin Shui
Environmental Impacts from Urban Transportation in China


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Visited Cities

Daqing City
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Daqing is located in Heilongjiang Province , the northeastern China . As the first and largest oil production base in China , Daqing occupied to 47% of China 's total onshore oil output during its peak time.
Daqing City was officially established in December 1979. It contains five districts and four counties with an area of 21,200 square kilometers and a total population of 2.25 million. Urban areas of Daqing cover 5,100 square kilometers with 0.87 million residents. The urban population intensity is 225 persons per square kilometer, a little bit higher than the Heilongjiang 's level of 192, but much lower than the national average of 604.

Daqing is the first inland city to win the title of Environment Protection Model City which was issued by the State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) in 2000. In the following year, Daqing was awarded as China 's Excellent Tourism City.

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Dongying City
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Dongying is located in the area encircled by the Shandong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula. As a city with 350 kilometer of coastal lines, Dongying lies at the end of the Yellow River , the second largest river in China , and faces to the Bohai Sea . Dongying is also the home of China 's second largest oil base, Shengli Oilfield.

Dongying City was officially established in 1983. It covers 7,900 square kilometers with 1.75 million people. In 2002, its urban population is 0.53 million, living in 3,200 square kilometers. The urban population density is 241 persons per square kilometers, far below the national average of 604. Dongying was named as the Environmental Protection Model City in 2003.

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Wenzhou City
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Wenzhou is an economic, political and cultural hub in the southern Zhejiang Province , one of the top three wealthiest provinces in China . Under its jurisdiction, Wenzhou has 3 districts, 2 county-level cities and 6 counties with the total population of 7.39 million and the total land area of 11,783 square kilometers. In 2002, the urban population reaches 0.57 million.
The annual average temperature in Wenzhou is about 18 °C with rainfall of 1800mm.The frost-free period lasts 280 days.

Wenzhou is a very well-known city for its soaring export industries and flexible market mechanism.