Dr. Bin Shui
Environmental Impacts from Urban Transportation in China


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Pilot City Langfang
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Brief Introduction

Langfang is located between Beijing and Tianjin , two municipalities administrated directly under the Central Government. The distance from Langfang to Beijing and from Langfang to Tianjin is 40 and 60 kilometers, respectively. Table 2 shows the general information of Langfang, Beijing , and Tianjin in 2002. Langfang city was established in 1989, including 6,429 square kilometers with the population of 3.87 million. The urban area covers 70 square kilometers with 280 thousand residents.
In 2003, Langfang was named as China 's Excellent Tourism City , and won China Habitat Environment Award. Especially, Langfang is the first and only Chinese city that has achieved the environment management system certificate (ISO 14001).

Natural Resources and Economy

About 98% of Langfang land is plain, including 0.83 million acres of arable land. Langfang possesses rich natural resources in crude oil, natural gas, coal, and geothermal.
In 2003, the GDP of Langfang was RMB 52.3 billion, up 14% compared to the previous year. The urban resident income is RMB 8.4 thousand a year, while the annual rural resident earns RMB 4.1 thousand. The ratio of agriculture, industry and service in Langfang GDP is 13.9% , 55.8%, and 30.3%, respectively, while the national average is 4.9%, 49.6%, and 45.5%.


Langfang connects with five key national railways, five national expressways, and more than forty provincial and regional roads. The transportation infrastructure in Langfang is well built. The traffic jams are much less frequent and heavy than those in neighboring Beijing and Tianjin. Thanks to the rich natural gas resources in Langfang, more than two thirds of local taxies have changed their fuel type to natural gas. Similar to Dongying, the limited number of natural gas stations is the main concern of drivers.