Table of Contents

Message from ESIG Director Robert Harriss
Scientific Highlights
– Case of the 1997-98 El Niño: Forecasting by Analogy
– Prediction: Science, Decision-Making and the Future of Nature
– Extreme Events Workshop
– Currents of Change
– Refereed
– Non-Refereed
Community Service
– Editorships of Peer-Reviewed Journals
– Scientific, Policy, or Educational Committees, Advisory Panels
Educational Activities
– Formal Teaching Arrangements
– Dissertation Committees
– Workshops and Colloquia
– Scientific or Technical Seminars
– Non-Technical, Popular Presentations
Staff, Visitors and Collaborators
– Staff
– ASP Postdoctoral Fellows
– Visitors and Collaborators
Fundamental Research
– The Case of the 1997-98 El Niño: Forecasting by Analogy
– Climate Variability in the NCAR Parallel Climate Model (PCM)
– Development of Interactive Vegetation Package for Regional Climate
– Effect of Changed Climate Variability on Simulated Crops and Ecosystems
– El Niño and Statistics
– Extreme Value Theory
– Flood Loss Data Reanalysis
– Methods for Assessing Economic Value of Weather and Climate Forecasts
– Other Changed Climate and Crop/Ecosystem Projects
– Prediction in the Earth Sciences
– Regional Climate and Crops in the Great Plains
– Urban Metabolism
– Use and Value of Weather Bibliography
Protection of Life and Property
– Climate Change Policy
– Disaster Diplomacy
– Disaster Prevention in the Lower Rio Grande
– El Niño and La Niña
– Extreme Events
– US Weather Radar
Education and Outreach
– Aral Sea Encyclopedia Contribution
– Case Studies of Forecast Value Web Site
– Climate Affairs Program Development
– Clim-Econ Discussion List
– El Niño Overview Publication
– ENSO Signal
– Exploring the Concept of Climate Surprise
– Geophysical Statistics Project (GSP)
– Handbook of Weather, Climate, and Water, Societal Aspects Volume
– Network Newsletter
– Societal Aspects of Weather Web Site
– Weather Policy Resource Guide Electronic Forum
– WeatherZine
Enhancing Productivity and Resilience of Natural Resources
– Climate Variability and Agriculture in the Southeast United States
– Energy Efficiency of Businesses
– IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Working Groups
– Transboundary Fisheries: Pacific Salmon
– Uncertainty Analysis for Climate Change and Its Impacts
– Water Resources and Climate Change
– Will Tropical Forests Survive the Twenty-First Century?
– US National Assessment
– Yangtze Delta in China as Evolving Metro-Agro-Plex

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