Bob Harriss Environmental and Societal Impacts Group

Director's Message

The Environmental and Societal Impacts Group (ESIG) is dedicated to bridging the gap between fundamental advances in the atmospheric sciences and societal requirements for new knowledge that informs policy and decision-making in both public and private organizations. The outcome of our research and outreach programs aim directly at reducing threats of weather and climate extremes to life and property, improving stewardship of both natural and built environments, and enhancing economic vitality.

The translation of fundamental discoveries into policy-relevant knowledge is a highly interdisciplinary, collaborative process requiring a systemic understanding of the complex interactions between the economy, environment, and society. ESIG's FY99 research and outreach program illustrates the balance of science and service that we strive for as an element of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Our weather and climate impact and assessment research involved an extensive network of national and international collaborators. Rapid and effective communication of new scientific knowledge to a broad audience was accomplished through increasing use of the Internet while maintaining an impressive record of productivity in traditional professional publications. ESIG staff also served on many national and international scientific and engineering committees and working groups that informed policy and decision-making on topics ranging from disaster prevention to long-term climate change. Important contributions were also made to understanding how climate variability may intersect with issues of future production of food from both the land and sea.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on any aspect of our FY99 research and outreach program. The ESIG program aspires to evolve and expand its collaborative efforts in the next few years. The societal implications of atmospheric and related environmental issues will grow ever more crucial in the more crowded and unpredictable world of the 21st century.

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