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Dr. Kathleen A. Miller
Interim ESIG Director

Director's Message:

The goal of ESIG's research and outreach program is to improve the base of knowledge about the societal implications of atmospheric and related environmental processes so that decision-makers might better understand, anticipate, and respond to atmospheric science-related issues. ESIG has built a multidisciplinary, problem-focused, and collaborative research program to examine the often-complex interactions among the atmosphere, human societies, and the environmental systems on which they depend. Such problems involve individual decision-making processes, the functioning of economic and political systems, and the responses of biological and physical systems to both human interventions and atmospheric forcing.

In FY98, ESIG's research program included projects focused on the policy and human dimensions of weather, climate impacts and of weather, and climate predictions. In addition, research focused on a number of specific resource management and climate/weather impact issues relating to: water, inland seas, fisheries, ENSO impacts, atmosphere/vegetation interactions, integration of climate models and impacts, extreme meteorological events, and statistics of climate and climate impacts.

ESIG continued its active outreach program in FY98, through organized meetings, contributions to education, and numerous presentations by members of the scientific staff to a wide range of audiences. In July 1998, ESIG hosted the first international summit on La Niņa: "Review of the Causes and Consequences of Cold Events: A La Niņa Summit," organized by ESIG senior scientist Michael Glantz. In September, ESIG scientist Roger Pielke, Jr. and his collaborators on an NSF-sponsored project convened a workshop on: "Prediction in the Earth Sciences: Use and Misuse by Policy-Makers."

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